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C1019-0510-XAN 5'10" Xanadu Swift 19.5" x 2.18" TLpro Carbon Surfboard by Surftech

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5'10 x 19.75 x 2.22 Xanadu Swift Surfboard

This board has a relatively curvy entry rocker for a small wave board, but it has a pretty flat tail rocker which ensures massive amounts of speed and drive. This proven small wave rocker ensures speed, maneuverability, and forgiveness that allows for hyper aggressive surfing in the pocket and above it.

Incredible light weight combined with a lively feel in the surf create an ultra responsive fishy type shortboard. I've ridden one of these for over 6 months and it hardly shows any wear, fantastic durability and a really natural feel on a wave.

Volume (L) 29.25
Weight (lbs) Light TLPRO Carbon
Fin System FUTURES
Fin Setup Tri