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Torq epoxy surfboards are known for providing excellent value and long-lasting durability. These boards are constructed using high-quality epoxy materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, making them both affordable and resilient. Whether you're a beginner looking for a reliable board to learn on or an experienced surfer seeking a cost-effective option that can withstand the rigors of the waves, Torq epoxy surfboards are an excellent choice. Their combination of value and durability ensures that you can enjoy riding the waves for many seasons to come

TET Epoxy Construction = durable with a great price. 

Torq TET surfboards use advanced technology and materials for high performance and durability. They have a lightweight EPS core encased in a strong epoxy resin shell. This construction ensures shape retention and responsiveness in all conditions. The epoxy shell provides resistance to damage and a smooth ride. Torq TET surfboards are suitable for all levels of surfers and come in various shapes and sizes. They are known for their quality, durability, and performance.

TET Surf Construction

TEC Epoxy Constuction = lightweight high performance epoxy construction

Torq Tec construction is a high-performance surfboard technology that combines lightweight EPS foam with a durable epoxy shell. It offers enhanced maneuverability, durability, and responsiveness, making it ideal for surfers in heavy surf conditions. Torq Tec surfboards are known for their strength-to-weight ratio and long-lasting performance.

TEC Surf Constrction

ACT Carbon Epoxy Construction = Lightest Advanced Carbon Construction

Torq ACT Carbon pre preg construction is an advanced surfboard technology that uses carbon fiber materials to create lightweight and high-performance boards. It provides increased speed, maneuverability, and responsiveness for advanced surfers. The carbon fiber reinforcement offers strength, flexibility, and durability. Torq ACT Carbon surfboards are designed for optimal performance in high-performance surfing.

 ACT surf construction

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