Surf World Surf Team

Randy Skinner - Shop Owner   Yes the owner actually surfs good. 

Randy Skinner surfing pompano beach

 Randy Skinner surfing Deerfield Beach FL

 Randy Skinner Surfing Deerfield Beach #2 sequence

Surfing Pompano Beach Florida Winter

Randy Skinner Riding a Twin Fin

 Kaylin Weinrich   Age 15  ESA ALL STAR FOR THE 2020 SEASON

 How long have you been surfing? She has been surfing since age 11 (started competing age 12)

What's your Favorite Surf Spot? #1 Ft. Pierce N. Jetty, #2 Briny Point

What are your favorite Maneuvers?  Long controlled Nose Rides in the pocket

Got any Sponsors? Surf World, Skinner Surfboards, Dakine, Ishkabibbles Designs, Pacific Vibrations Fins, Corkcicle



Chip Hunt