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Nixon Ultratide Olive Gunmetal Watch A476209900

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ultratide powered by Surfline

The world's first real-time surf conditions watch

An evolution in time and technology, Nixon's Ultratide is the product of extensive research and development and an exclusive partnership with Surfline that taps the power of Ultratide directly into the Surfline network. Ultratide features wireless Bluetooth® technology, to provide you with real time data; tide, wave height, swell direction, wind direction and speed, water and air temperatures, GeoLocating the closest break so you'll never not know.

powered by surfline
The global leader in surf forecasting for over 30 years.
10x more locations
Ultratide provides the user with 10 live data points of forecast details, which is 10x the amount of data typically found in surf/tide watches. Browse the entire Surfline network of spots — over 3300 and growing — and select your favorites.
The Ultratide automatically locates the nearest surf spot to your current location.
custom surf alerts
Create custom surf alerts for your favorite spots, and your Ultratide will alert you when the surf is good for just how you like it at your selected spots. Never miss an epic session.
one and done
Use one touch setup to sync the watch to your phone. Easy companion iOS app makes things simple and seamless.
share your session
Find, follow, share. Tell your 1,000 (or more, if you've got 'em) closest friends about your sessions with the Ultratide app (iOS only).