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Skinner Surfboard Company

Skinner 8'6 x 30.75 Brushed Carbon Wood-chuck SUP Surf Model light weight 86-Skinner-CarbonSUP

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2015 Skinner 8'6 x 30.75 Brushed Carbon Light Weight SUP

It's called the Wood Chuck because this little guy is ready to rip the waves apart. The 8'6 Wood Chuck Pro Carbon features a more pulled in nose and increased tail rocker for added maneuverability. The outline is inspired from the modern small wave short boards, this is your board of choice if you are ready to rip. The hand brushed carbon fiber construction is the pinnacle of light weight, strong construction,. this board weighs in the 15 lbs range.

  • Surfboard Inspired Outline
  • 5 Fin Set Up, ride as quad tri or single
  • Future side fins + fiberglass center fin
  • Go Pro Mount in nose
  • Carry Handle
  • Hand Brushed paint finish over top of Carbon Fiber
  • Soft grippy diamond deck pad with arch and kick tail built in
  • Gore-Tex Vent in deck
  • Custom designed by Randy Skinner