Coconut fiber boardshorts are sustainable

Sustainable Style: Vissla's Board Shorts Made with Coconut Fabric

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Vissla is a surfwear brand that offers board shorts made from coconut fabric. Coconut fabric is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material made from coconut husks. It is known for its durability, breathability, and quick-drying properties, making it a popular choice for beachwear. Board shorts made from coconut fabric by Vissla are likely to provide comfort and performance for surfers and beach-goers.

 Most of the 4-Way stretch surf trunks are made from a high performance blend of coconut fibers, recycled polyester Repreve made from water bottles and cotton. 

Greenhouse 17.5" Boardshort M1091GRE-PHA-Phantom


Upcycling transforms waste into desirable products. Our boardshorts are made from Cocotex® yarn, which is created by recycling coconut husks. This yarn is odor-resistant and dries quickly. It is blended with Repreve® recycled polyester yarns to produce top-performing boardshorts that are comfortable and eco-friendly.

Traditionally, water-repellent fabrics were treated with harmful chemicals called PFCs and Fluorocarbons to keep them from becoming saturated. However, these chemicals can have negative effects on the environment and wildlife. In order to reduce our impact and safeguard the ocean, we have transitioned to using 100% PFC and Fluorocarbon-free DWR water-repellent coating for our boardshorts. Here's to a cleaner and healthier future

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