Limited Edition Sun Bum Vinyl Figures

Limited Edition Sun Bum Vinyl Figures

Sun Bum took their surf team with some brand ambassadors and made them into limited edition vinyl figures. The Figures include:

 Julian Wilson, Filipe ToledoMalia Manuel, Zak Noyle, Barron Mamiya , Bede Durbidge, Kruss King and Ramus King. 

Each figure captures the lifelike vibe of the rider and made by the sought after toymaker big shot toys. They are sure to be collectible, you can get one at Surf World Fort Lauderdale with a $30 Sun Bum purchase.  Figures are available for instore purchases only. 


Sun Bum Vinyl Figures  

Sun Bum Jullian Wilison Vinyl Figure

Julian Wilson 

Sun Bum Filipe Toledo Vinyl Figure

Filipe Toledo

Sun Bum Zak Noyle Vinyl Figure

Zak Noyle

Sun Bum Vinyl Malia Manuel Figure

Malia Manuel

Sun Bum Bede Durbidge Vinyl Figure

Bede Durbidge

Sun Bum Barron Mamiya Vinyl Figure

Barron Mamiya

Sun Bum Kruss King Vinyl Figure

Kyuss King

Sun Bum Rasmus King Vinyl Figure

Rasmus King