Carver Skateboards at Surf World

Carver Skateboards at Surf World

If you want that surf feeling out of the water, just jump on a carver skateboard. These boards have the best turning radius out there and once you get the pumping motion down you don't have to kick anymore. You just pump up your speed in the same way you get speed on a surfboard. Surf World has 2 racks full of Carver Skateboards and can answer your question about the Carver line up.  Come try our demo boards at the shop.  Carver Skate boards in Pompano Beach Florida, Surf World is your spot. 

There are 2 types of Carver Trucks, the C7 and The CX.  

The C7 Pivot truck by Carver Skateboards.  

The CX Truck by Carver Skateboards. 

We sell truck sets as well as complete Carver Skateboards. 

Surf World Surf Shop Pompano Beach Florida. 

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