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Starboard 10 x 35"whopper-Astro-Zen-Inflatable paddleboard 2015 Astro Inflatable SUP

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10'0" X 35" ASTRO WHOPPER zen

“The world’s most popular shape”

The world’s favorite and most versatile shape available in inflatable. Everybody should own an Astro Whopper; Starboard’s Swiss Army Knife board. Excellent for surfing, stretching, fitness, yoga and whitewater surfing. All this in a single blowup model that will easily fit in your trunk. These boards are perfect for the condo owner or those who want to keep their boards on a boat where space is a premium.

Length:10' Width: 35" Thickness: 4.75" Tail Width: Volume: 237
  • Unique 4.75“ (120mm) dropstitch for a good balance between volume and stiffness.
  • Deck and bottom have 0.7mm 1000 Denier polyester plain weave laminate over the 500 Denier dropstitch material, making the hull extra strong and stiff.
  • Rails with 0.5mm 500 Denier polyester plain weave, secures 100% air tightness covered by robust bi-axial 0.7mm 1000 Denier polyester mesh, for additional stiffness.
  • The short Starboard Astro US box helps to roll up the board as tight as possible.
  • 2015 rails are 70% thicker and stronger than the 2014 Astro rails.
  • Flexible permanent side fins aid tracking and safety.
  • Wide, light weight, 2mm crocodile skin EVA deck pads all the way to the rail of the board.