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Restube Basic water safety flotation buoy RB11BB

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Restube Basic water safety flotation buoy waistpack RB11BB

Restube provides an extra layer of safety while paddle boarding, swimming, kiting, fishing,
canoeing, surfing or boating- RESTUBE is always on guard: The low profile waist bag is reduced to
its basic function which makes it a perfect safety gadget for water activities. Since the flotation buoy is attached to you, all you need to do is pull the cord and it will auto inflate.  


With its buoyancy of 75 N (over 16.5 lbs / 7.5 Kg), the RESTUBE buoy is capable of keeping your head out of water in case of emergency, no matter what your weight or height is. Knowing this will help you keep calm in critical situations and get helpful attention by waving with the yellow buoy. The RESTUBE´s high- quality material meets all the requirements of the European norm DIN EN ISO 12402 for lifejackets. Consequently, RESTUBE is an official rescue resource. 

 Quality is essential

 RESTUBE is a high-quality, long-lasting product, engineered in Germany. Our close cooperation with universities, professional lifesavers and team riders allow us to constantly improve the RESTUBE technology according to the needs of its users.

 Reusable – for renewable security                                                           

 If you´ve triggered your RESTUBE buoy, make RESTUBE ready for the next water- operations again by simply screwing in a new cartridge. The certified 0.56 oz / 16g CO2 cartridges are salt water proof, have a 100% checked filling level and a trigger cap that perfectly matches to the certified trigger.

 Small size and light weight - keep it comfortably

 With a size of 5.5x2.75x2 inch / 14x7x5 cm and a weight of 0.6 lbs / 270 Gramm, RESTUBE is probably the most compact life insurance to get.