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Penny 27" Cyan Red Nickel Skateboard 1CPEN0127N127BW

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Penny 27" Cyan Red Nickel Skateboard 1CPEN0127N127BW

About the Cyan Red 27"

The Penny 27” Skateboard is the big brother of the original Penny 22”. They’re just as quick, super responsive and whole lot of fun for cruising streets, bombing hills and perfect if you want to master a few tricks


For those who appreciate a little extra plastic under your feet, this ticks all the boxes. 27” decks are a little wider and a little longer than a original plastic skateboards. If you’ve got bigger feet or have a wide stance, you’ll really get with what the 27” complete has going on.

This bright blue deck is made from Penny’s superior quality plastic. From nose to kicker, this is a super strong deck that will last for ages. It’s still got the sweet 60s vibe that we infuse into all our boards, but with modern technology providing the perfect combination of flex and strength for a sweet ride.

We’ve matched the deck with our custom 4” Penny trucks - powder-coated blue on the base and white on the hanger. These are durable, lightweight trucks made from the highest quality aluminium that were designed specifically for the 27” deck. They give the board a really stable ride, and have enough spring to get you whipping round some pretty tight corners or flip a 180.

This board features bright red 59mm 83A super smooth Penny wheels and our precision-manufactured Penny Abec7 bearings. Penny wheels have an acute angled lip, which is great for slalom riding and quick, sharp turns.

The high tensile bolts really pop against the blue deck as we’ve dipped them in the same brilliant white as the hangers.

Please note, owners have reported drastic increases in summery vibrations.