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Fu Wax

FUWAX Fu Wax FUWAX Tropical Brazil Surf Wax Super Sticky Ultra Grip

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Fu Wax Tropical Brazil Surf Wax


When Taj Burrow arrived in Sydney from the Billabong Pro Brazil in May, his excess baggage charge featured a lot more than just fond memories of Rio and a runner-up trophy. It held upward of 20 kilos of a wax that he reckons is so good that he’ll never go back to traditional wax. If he has bought a big enough stash, that is. Taj was turned onto the wax by his Calfornian pal Kolohe Andino. And he in turn heard it from his friends Luke Davis and Nat Young. Nat had won the Coldwater Classic at Santa Cruz and Luke had gotten straight onto spruiking the gear to Kolohe.

Kolohe ignored the claims (“Dude, I don’t care about your wax”) until Brazilian surfer Wiggoly Dantos stayed with him for a contest at Trestles. Wig said he should try it. The results were mind-blowing.

“Oh my gosh! I’ve just fallen in love. It was just goo’ing everywhere,” remembers Kolohe. “It was the like traction you get when you’re wearing booties.