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FGRED Titan Red Fiberglass SUP Stand Up Paddle

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Our Fiberglass paddle is designed for entry level paddleboarders or for those who desire more of a work-out while paddling. Our fiberglass shaft is constructed to be extra durable and can take a beating. Slightly heavier than our hybrid paddle, the extra weight is accounted for the thickness of the shaft.

Our blades effortlessly cuts through the water as the blades’ dihedral prevents any flutter in your stroke. We reinforce each blade at eight points of contact to those areas most prone to failure to ensure complete overall strength of the entire paddle. Each paddle is held to our highest standard and comes with a three year warranty.

Perfect for everyday use, rentals, surfing, fishing, strength work-outs and everything else fun on a paddleboard. For distance paddling we recommend our Hybrid paddle. Designed and built by paddleboarders for paddleboarders.

Our larger blade is 8 1/8" x 15" with a blade area of 95 sq. inches