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DHD Joy Ride Surfboard 5'4 x 21 x 2 1/2 DHDJR5410459

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DHD Joyride Surfboard

Length 5"4
Mid Width 21

Tail Width
Thickness 2 1/2

Volume 29.57
Fin System Future
Fin Setup 5 Plugs

DHD's do not come with fins, so pick your favorite before you checkout.

The Joy Ride by DHD is the perfect Summer board! With a full outline and plenty of volume combined with a 5-fin setup for maximum versatility, this board will get you where you want to go on those perfect smaller summer waves.


Glassing: 4 x 4 x 4 Standard

Rocker: Medium to Low

Concave: Single to Concave Vee


Fins: Futures Five Fin