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Starboard Drive 10'5 x 30" Starshot Red Stand Up Paddle Board 156 Liters Gloss Finish

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Starboard 10'5 x 30" 156 Liters  Glossy Finish

A long-time favorite in the range, chosen for its versatility and all-round fun, the performance bar has been raised with the new, improved Drive. The new bottom configuration of a single concave forward moving through to heavy V in the midsection, with deep concaves running through to V in the tail has radically improved the speed and maneuverability with a crisp and lively rail-to-rail feel. If you have the previous version, its well worth to upgrade.

Length: 10'5" Width:30" Thickness:4.1" Tail Width: Volume:156 Liters
317.5 cm 76.2 cm 10.4 cm 40.6 cm